Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

trips for 2012

Recently I have really to do a lot for school!

I actually should learn, but most of the time I`m like " ah I still have a week left! " and 2 days before the test  I am in panic and trying to learn all this shit in 2 days!
I still can`t imagine having final exams next school year! @__@ It seems to be so far away but . . .

Anyway! 2012 is my traveling year! *__*

Actually I went to Italy every year twice with my family! I really loved it, but I want to explore "THE WORLD" XD
Since Italy became sort of my second home, I definitely will go there again. Especially for practicing my favorite sport wind & kite surfing!

But this year I `ll be in Italy for snowboarding an skiing!
My mom, my sister and I will spend our winter holidays in Livigno!

I´ve been there several times and it`s totally awesome! You can shop there tax free, which is pretty good, cause I need new Perfume and cosmetics!

Next journey will be a language training journey! XD
Le me is pretty bad at Spanish so I will spend my easter holidays in Barcelona! in the morning there will be a language school but the rest of the day is time for sightseeing, shopping & party :D

I am freaking excited about this trip! I`ve heard  so many awesome stories about this city! Really looking forward to it! *O*

Also my next holiday are already planned! XD
i`m going to visit my favorite city in this world again! The place I totally fell in love with!

I`ve been there last year with Anna & oh my god, this was the most amazing trip in my whole life! Even If it`s fucking expensive there, I totally love this city! The people are incredible nice and the whole atmosphere is beyond words! :D

Yep this are the trips I already planned! I `m also thinking about going to Budapest to visit my beloved Dorina, when I have time and visiting Paris again with ma family! :D
And maybe if I can earn enough money Japan is calling me! :D

xoxo Yuki

Ah I got tagged & I `ll answer the questions soon! :)


  1. da haste viel vor dir, cool! <3
    Ich will auch mehr reisen, Wien dieses Jahr und Japan :DDD ♥

  2. omg you travel so much i'm sooooooooo envious!

    1. Jep, I`m really lucky this year! But the other years I was at home the most time Q_Q

  3. Nice blog - keep up the good work!