Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012

Thousands of bloggers wrote about it, but I think this show/collection was amazing enough, to write the 1001th blog entry about it.

Jean Paul Gaultiers Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012 fashion show!

I first saw some pictures on tumblr & was freaking impressed.
I love the homage at Amy Winehouse. She was an awesome artist!

Amazing stylist work. I love the colored wigs & Amy Make up as well as the awesome dresses!
At the moment i prefer this kind of vivid colored fashion to the usual unwearable high class fashion.
Even though this clothes will never find their way in my closet. I`m loving it!

And le me trying to look like super beautiful models.
Failing while failing :)

Have a nice week :)
xoxo Yuki

Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

inspiration: pastel colours!

Recently I´m really in love with pastel colors!
well, not everywhere. I don`t like them as furniture or decoration in my room.

But I really like pastel hair colors and make-up
on tumblr I always see these awesome hipster girls with pastel hair color and thick black eyeliner & I really think they look gorgeous!


In my opinion these pastel affects the best on longer hair! sadly Q_Q

Really want to have my colored hair back!
Anyway, I had kind of pastel hair when my darker colors got really bright after washing!

                                                part lilac hair :D
I loooved this light green! this was the result after bleaching out the midnight blue! But my hair was too damaged to keep this color!
I want to dye the tips of my brown extentions in this color, but i can`t find any suitable color!
Do you know one?

I also had light pink and light blue hair but I can`t find the pictures XD

Make up

An absolutely amazing brand for pastel colored make up is definitely Lime crime .
 I sadly have only one lipstick of this brand! But I love the one I own!

Mine is the light orange called COSMOPOP. Super awesome!
I`d love to have the light pink or lilac!
But it`s to expensive . . . .for now :D

sooooome day, i will own more muahahah XD

Also Mac has some purple lipsticks and even eye shadows, I believe.

Usually for creating this pastel effect I use lower pigmented eyeshadows and a white base et voila, pastel :D

Kerli, the goddess with (sometimes) pastel hair

xoxo Yuki :)

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

trips for 2012

Recently I have really to do a lot for school!

I actually should learn, but most of the time I`m like " ah I still have a week left! " and 2 days before the test  I am in panic and trying to learn all this shit in 2 days!
I still can`t imagine having final exams next school year! @__@ It seems to be so far away but . . .

Anyway! 2012 is my traveling year! *__*

Actually I went to Italy every year twice with my family! I really loved it, but I want to explore "THE WORLD" XD
Since Italy became sort of my second home, I definitely will go there again. Especially for practicing my favorite sport wind & kite surfing!

But this year I `ll be in Italy for snowboarding an skiing!
My mom, my sister and I will spend our winter holidays in Livigno!

I´ve been there several times and it`s totally awesome! You can shop there tax free, which is pretty good, cause I need new Perfume and cosmetics!

Next journey will be a language training journey! XD
Le me is pretty bad at Spanish so I will spend my easter holidays in Barcelona! in the morning there will be a language school but the rest of the day is time for sightseeing, shopping & party :D

I am freaking excited about this trip! I`ve heard  so many awesome stories about this city! Really looking forward to it! *O*

Also my next holiday are already planned! XD
i`m going to visit my favorite city in this world again! The place I totally fell in love with!

I`ve been there last year with Anna & oh my god, this was the most amazing trip in my whole life! Even If it`s fucking expensive there, I totally love this city! The people are incredible nice and the whole atmosphere is beyond words! :D

Yep this are the trips I already planned! I `m also thinking about going to Budapest to visit my beloved Dorina, when I have time and visiting Paris again with ma family! :D
And maybe if I can earn enough money Japan is calling me! :D

xoxo Yuki

Ah I got tagged & I `ll answer the questions soon! :)

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

happy new year

First of all!
Happy new year to everyone! :D

I hope you all had a nice celebration & some good new year`s resolutions!

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Get better in school

2. be patient
3. get more sleep
4. get along better with my dad
5. Have more time for my friends
6. take off weight
7. Have more fun
8. earn more money
9. travel
10. find love!

Pretty much, huh? XD

I`ve spent new years eve at Kai`s house!
I went there one day before to cut her hair and help with the arrangements.

the 31th first NyuJin & Bou arrived "early" to help making sushi. I really suck at making sushi XD
But Bou is our Sushi king ;)

                                           nomnom *O* so delicious!

Later the evening Ray, Masa, Kanon, Sai , Sayuu & some friends of Kais sister arrived!
It was really fun seeing them all again! I don`t have too much time for meeting friends usually!! Dare you school! -.-

                        Yep I really had a lot of fun! thank`s for this awesome days! <3 

                                          I love wii dance! *O* So funny to play!

So here could be a picture of an awesome firework . . . but this is how it turned out!
                                                             Awesome firework, right XD

                                                                    with nyu & jin

                                                                              Kai :D

all for today! xoxo Yuki