Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012


Hello everyone!

So last friday my schools carnival-ball was ! usually I really don`t live school event and balls, but I love changing into another character and generally transforming my appearance so i thought this could be pretty funny.
And it was really awesome.
I decided to be a female version of the Mad Hatter for this evening! More a spontaneous modification, because my short wig didn´t arrive in time, so i had to take my long red wig. Well a Mad hattress is nice, too. :D

excuse my bad webcam quali XD

I had some problems with the white face paint. It was really sticky and difficult to apply! Never use clown face paint. next time I´ll search for a better one.
I was`t too satisfied with the make up, but i was in a hurry XD
After I was ready, i went with my neighbor Lea to Eva, to do her make up.

When we arrived at school, really nobody identified me XD Success!!

 Lea´s Idea was to disguise herself a morning hater XDD

 Eva, Mareike & le me :D

The motto was glow, to everything glowed th the black light. Really funny to see. Every time somebody talked, the teeth and eyes were glowing and everything else was black oo

I think, I`m gonna wear my hat soon again. Even though it took a lot of time, doing it, it was fun :D

                                     We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.



Montag, 6. Februar 2012

cake obsession!

Hey there!

Recently I`m totally obsessed with baking.
I really love creating these sweet sins, sadly I shouldn`t eat them XD

Anyway, for the birthday of my friend Mona, I made some cake pops. I actually knew them from Starbucks & really wanted to try out  making some!
It`s easier than I thought. Maybe one of the most easy pastry I´ve ever made! But soo delicious! I could eat all of them, nom nom!

The decoration isn`t as beautiful as I wanted it to be, because the chocolate dried way too fast! But I think they liked them! I made around 30 and only 3 were left. Success :D
My sister and I will make some with different flavor tomorrow *O*

So Sunday was a really cake heavy day. So many delicious pastry.

Insane cake! srsly this is cream with a little bit of cake XD Attention, you may gain weight only by looking

                                                     Happy Anna is happy XD

Lately I`m to lazy for styling. My hair is to long, it`s freaking cold here and my scarf always damages my hairstyle.

have a nice week
xoxo Yuki