Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

the avengers

Hey guys!

Last few weeks I`ve visited the cinema quite often!
Aerican pie, Dark shadows, the avengers!
And I want to see some more!

But I really, really hate 3D. I just can`t watch any movie longer than 20 minutes without getting a bad headache!
So the Avengers was kind of a sweet pain, I guess!

I want to see this movie again soooo bad!

I loved it! Chirs Hemsworth as Thor is just awesome!

see? <.<

Of couse I had to buy "Thor" and "Captain America" when I saw the Dvd!

I was literally standing in front of the Dvd shelf, magical gravitated, towards these dvds XDD

Hum. . . anyway! Only one week left till I`, going to London! *_* weeehee :D
I can`t wait!
okay, enough! !

xoxo yuki

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

gardening & medieval market

Hey guys, super regular blogger yuki back again. <.<

The last few weeks, the weather was awesome!
Not too hot, not too windy and awesome sunshine.

Therefore I spent a lot of time outside. Swimming & generally doing sports . . . more or less XD

I also helped my Gran gardening. So we drove to our small holiday house. I personally love this not perfect, feral kind of garden. But my Gran wanted to clean everything up. So basically I had to mow the lawn, cut the trees etc. :D

                                      Weapon of dah day XD srsly this thing is soo old, but so stubborn

                                                        my sister caught some tadpoles. <.<

    I used to be there every second weekend, when i was small. It felt so nostalgic being there again :D

Yesterday i went to a oriental themed medieval market in Hof, with some friends.
Sadly the weather was crappy. But we found a Arabic tent, were we hided and had some tea :D

So all things considered the day was really nice! After a while sun came out again and we tried out some stuff :D

                                                    Please ignore my hair. It`s a mess. XD

                                                      Perfect theme fitting umbrella XD
                                                             suddenly a wild Link appears O__o

pretty long post, but yep I was to lazy for splitting it into 2 parts XD

xoxo Yuki

Oh and yeah I got Instagramm. So for these who want to follow me : yuki_chaos

Samstag, 21. April 2012

back from Barcelona.

Hola chicas!

First of all, I am sorry or being absent for such a long time.
But now I`m back and I hope I won`t get too lazy again XD

So since last Sunday le Yuki is on German  ground again.
I have spent my easter vacation in  Barcelona. It was awesome!!

Even though i had class nearly every morning this was one of the best experiences in my life!
I´ve made so many new friends and improved my spanish, at least i hope so. :D

Vale, now picture spam! :D

Well yeah! XD 

i think Barcelona is, next to london & Paris, THE place for shopping!

I think i left most of my money in Sephora. Since we don`t have one in Germany i was spending hours in this girl paradise!

A part of my cosmetic haul :D

1. urban decay de-slick in a tube mattifying gel
2. urban decay primer potion (best primer I`ve ever used!)
3. urban decay naked palette
4.bourjois paris bronzer
5.inglot freedom palette ( just discovered that the light brown eyeshadow is THE nosecontouring eyeshadow!)
6. bourjois paris lipgloss (which i got for free muharhar e_e) china shop make up XD
8.make up forever HD foundation china shop fake chanel powder XD
10. cheap china shop fake lashes
11. mac 217 blending brush
12. mac NC20 studio finish concealer
13. flormar lipstick (looks totally like nicky minaj liptick)

of course i also bought tons of clothes but some are still in my luggage so . . . lazy again XD

Thanks to all my Barcelona people for these wonderful days.

xoxo Yuki

Sonntag, 11. März 2012


Hello everyone!

Sorry, for being away for a while now.
I`ve been ill since winter holidays and it´s not getting better at all.
I hate it when I feel better at one day and then the next day I feel like death warmed up  again .

Anyway, I was in Livigno, Italy,  for skiing and snowboarding, sadly i got ill after 4 days so I explored the awesome couch of our flat and watches fashion tv all day long. -.- srsly i know all fucking spring collections in detail now!

Buuut, the first few days it was really nice! sun and snow!

                               We had only one snowing day and all over sun the rest of the week. :D
                   I think my ski jacket is the ugliest jacket in this world, but It was warm so fuck that shit.

The friday before we left, we went to eat delicious fondue with some friends of my Mum and their children.
Sometimes I felt a little bit like an unpaid babysitter XD
But this fonue was the best I`ve ever eaten. I dont really like cheese fondue, so we ordered one meat only! *O*

                                                     My sister enjoin her lemonsoda XD

and since it was still carnival, one day I wore my wig during shopping. And every shop assistant
 thought it was my real color XD  

I only bought a few things. of course its duty free there but actually they only have expensive brands like chanel, gucci & dior there. So even with tax free this shit is fucking expensive. Q_Q

Thank you for 45 readers! **
I`m really happy someone is interested in my blog!

xoxo Gossip girl ;D