Sonntag, 11. März 2012


Hello everyone!

Sorry, for being away for a while now.
I`ve been ill since winter holidays and it´s not getting better at all.
I hate it when I feel better at one day and then the next day I feel like death warmed up  again .

Anyway, I was in Livigno, Italy,  for skiing and snowboarding, sadly i got ill after 4 days so I explored the awesome couch of our flat and watches fashion tv all day long. -.- srsly i know all fucking spring collections in detail now!

Buuut, the first few days it was really nice! sun and snow!

                               We had only one snowing day and all over sun the rest of the week. :D
                   I think my ski jacket is the ugliest jacket in this world, but It was warm so fuck that shit.

The friday before we left, we went to eat delicious fondue with some friends of my Mum and their children.
Sometimes I felt a little bit like an unpaid babysitter XD
But this fonue was the best I`ve ever eaten. I dont really like cheese fondue, so we ordered one meat only! *O*

                                                     My sister enjoin her lemonsoda XD

and since it was still carnival, one day I wore my wig during shopping. And every shop assistant
 thought it was my real color XD  

I only bought a few things. of course its duty free there but actually they only have expensive brands like chanel, gucci & dior there. So even with tax free this shit is fucking expensive. Q_Q

Thank you for 45 readers! **
I`m really happy someone is interested in my blog!

xoxo Gossip girl ;D