Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas

Jep it´s Christmas!

so . . . Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Hyvää Joulua, Kellemes Karacsonyiunnepeket & Buon Natale, メリークリスマス to everyone! (super smart Yuki goggled only the japanese version ehehhee XD)

Actually I`m not really into all this typical commercial Christmas-shit but i love the decorations, meeting all my family & giving presents to other people!   

I wish everyone a happy time with family and some nice presents! :D

xoxo Yuki

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Girls day :D

Yesterday I finally had my girls day with Esther!

Even if we life really close to each other, because of school and work we can`t meet often!

So we first bought hair color for Esther! She wanted to go back to blond! :)

Watching really bad TV program while letting the bleach sink! My face was really awkward XD

We really had lots of fun!

Our song of the day :

Thanks for this awesome day! <3

xoxo Yuki

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

recent gets & hair inspiration

Last weeks finally my new stuff arrived!

Since my sister broke my old Polaroid camera I ordered a new!
Goddamn duty! Srsly I paid enough and still 27 € to pay -.-

I totally love this camera! :)

  And I ordered Gatsby hair wax from ebay! 
The seller is so nice! they sent me a personal message and a little gray Gatsby and some examples.

I tried it out once and I absolutely love this wax! Awesome styling possibilities!

When I`ve some more time I`ll try out some gyaru-o hairstyle! :D

At the moment there is really no time for anything! I`m really looking forward the holidays!

Nooooow some inspiration pictures!
lately I fell in love with long orange/red hair!


taken from tumblr

xoxo Yuki 

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Tattoo & Christmas Market with Anna

Last Wednesday i finally got my Tattoo!
So we went to Thomas Tattoo   in Erlangen! They all were really funny and nice!

I think I got already addicted! Just after leaving the Studio I planned another one XD

My fleur de lis! It`s a scan of a necklace my mum gave me when I was 13! I love this symbol !

Before we went there Anna wanted to eat sushi so she took me to a nice little restaurant in Bamberg I never really noticed before!
Really awesome food & the price was okay, too!
Giant Shushiroll! *O*

and of course some Christmas market "shopping". I`m still not in Christmas mood but the decoration everywhere is wonderful.

I sadly had no time to go to a market by night! I have to learn a lot! But as soon the test are over, I`ll catch up.

Hate my hair! >.<°

xoxo Yuki

Samstag, 19. November 2011

random post

Hell yeah! I`m sick!
Caught a cold and now spending my weekend with tissues & medicine! Wehee! -.-°

So I`ll just post some random pictures I took during the last weeks! :D

Food! :D i really love, that theres Bubble Tea in Bamberg! Even if it`s not as good as in Nürnberg, there`s bubble tea! *O*

Masks we did in art! mine is the half red one & the horn .

Me while taking my sister piggyback!  :D
My beloved Honey! <3

And right now I`m learning for my art test! I hate learning all these epochs! Mah ~

xoxo Yuki

Samstag, 12. November 2011

cursed week & Versace or H&M

I`m sure everyone knows this feeling, that no matter what you do, anything is going wrong!
For me, this week was absolutely cursed!

First someone stole my wallet. . . in school. And this is REALLY bad!
Cause 1. i had my indentity card, some coupons from drugsore h&m and Douglas and my train cards in there 2. money aand 3. This was my belove wallet from London -.-

So i had to block all my cards and apply for new.
I really can`t understand! I would never ever steal a wallet or something else! And even if somebody stole it and opend it, he or her must have seen all my stuff in there so put it back or hand it to directors office.

Other thing was that I cought a cold & my belly hurts really bad! I hate beeing sick and I really get insufferabale!
Poor Mum, poor friends!

Some other nice things apped this week: My camera broke, my window is leaky and it`s REALLY cold
All about complaining now!

Let`s talk about the new " Versace for H&M" colletion!

I really love the leather Jackets! Generally the whole collection is awsome! i`m not a big fan of dreses but some of the items cought my eyes :D

I thing I`ll do a jacket like that myself! DIY like a boss XD

xoxo Yuki

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Halloween/Birthday party

This year I celebrated Halloween with all my friends as my birthday party!

 My Make up for Halloween! Actually this should be the Chesire cat of alice in wonderland buuut nearly nobody recognized

It was really a big fun!

I love hanging out with all of my friends talking & fooling around!

 Gachapin Dorks! :D

 We decided to go out and do trick or treat! All my neighbours were like `Aren`t you too old?` No bitch, gimme your candy :D
Well the rest of the night was all about alkohol and doing stupid stuff!
Or playing scrabble!
Even tough the new wordcreations by myself were pretty counterproductive for winning Oh dare you spirit of alkohol

Kai did this awsome tombstone cake for me! Omg it was so delicious! *O*

I got so many woderfull presents! Thank you all for them <3

Mika stayed a day longer than the other and actually we really did NOTHING but lying on the bed watching strange movies, beeing on tumblr and talking about musicians!

Namaste! Badass chinese granpa and Abraham Lincoln :D I think beard really suits me

Aaaah and my prize arrived! 
I won this 6 Astor make up palettes for my interpretation of autum make up ! 

For me it was really a simple make up with warmer colours & I`ve never thought of winning.
But I`m really happy about it! 
The colours are awsome! Especially the green.

That`s all for today! xoxo Yuki

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

October haul

I`ve just noticed that I really spend too much money!

Actually I wanted to save my money for London next year & renovate my room! But once I`m in a store I see 1000 things I "need"!

The curse of girls hahah :D

New boots! I love them! They`re so comfortable and warm!

Well some stuff I needed to live! <.<

Most I love mac`s matte, which is absolutley perfect for my oily skin and Maybeline`s "master precise" eyeliner!
The p2 eyeshadow palette is really disappointing! Really low pigmented.

Actually I bought the eyeshadows for my little sister. But they turne out pretty awsome so I bought some for me, too.
I really like special editions! 

That`s all so far!

I`m really thinking about coloring my hair red or orange! I want something fancy again! :D

I am so in love with this song! Can`t stop listening!

repeat & repeat & repeat . . . :D

xoxo Yuki

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Snapshot #2

                                       artist und title unknown 

                               Whithout words . . .

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

j-day & b-day

Last saturday was Japanday in Düsseldorf and my 18th birthday! :D

 I`ve met many friends again and had a wonderfull day with my family!

Alltogether it was an amazing day!

                                              some J-rock cosplayer
                                                 the crowd

                     Awesome sky my I enjoyed with my family while having dinner at a boat restaurant!

Look at my new Baby! *___*
I got I from Mommy! I`m so happy, now I can sew again!

                          Aaaand some stuff I bought in Düsseldorf! Also I took some puris with my sister! :D

Thats all so far!
xoxo Yuki

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Snapshot #1

                                       The Washington Ballet by Cade Martin

I really love this picture! The harsh contrast between the old and the new but anyhow a warm, coherent ambiance!

xoxox Yuki

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011



Sunday i went to a hairfair in Nürnberg with my best friend Esther!

I think I´ve learned a lot there!

Also we got many stuff for free! Haircare products, styling products and more!

We endet up with one really huuuge bag full of probes and a smaller bag of a concern which got awsome haircare products!For free e____e

And Esther got her nails done!

Since it was her first time, she was incredible nervous! But it turned out really nice! Sadly i don`t have any picture!

I really think about doing my nails, too. But it could be a problem at work >.<

Of course I bought some jewelery!
 I was really surprised about the big assortment!

Yep my face :D Ignore the hairpins I was just to lazy, to rermove them

xoxo Yuki