Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

inspiration: pastel colours!

Recently I´m really in love with pastel colors!
well, not everywhere. I don`t like them as furniture or decoration in my room.

But I really like pastel hair colors and make-up
on tumblr I always see these awesome hipster girls with pastel hair color and thick black eyeliner & I really think they look gorgeous!


In my opinion these pastel affects the best on longer hair! sadly Q_Q

Really want to have my colored hair back!
Anyway, I had kind of pastel hair when my darker colors got really bright after washing!

                                                part lilac hair :D
I loooved this light green! this was the result after bleaching out the midnight blue! But my hair was too damaged to keep this color!
I want to dye the tips of my brown extentions in this color, but i can`t find any suitable color!
Do you know one?

I also had light pink and light blue hair but I can`t find the pictures XD

Make up

An absolutely amazing brand for pastel colored make up is definitely Lime crime .
 I sadly have only one lipstick of this brand! But I love the one I own!

Mine is the light orange called COSMOPOP. Super awesome!
I`d love to have the light pink or lilac!
But it`s to expensive . . . .for now :D

sooooome day, i will own more muahahah XD

Also Mac has some purple lipsticks and even eye shadows, I believe.

Usually for creating this pastel effect I use lower pigmented eyeshadows and a white base et voila, pastel :D

Kerli, the goddess with (sometimes) pastel hair

xoxo Yuki :)

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  1. To get light pastel colours like the green, find stargazer 'tropical green' color. Mix the smallest part of the color dye to a normal hair conditioner, this will give you pastel color! You only need a very very small part of the color in the conditioner. If it is too pale, add a little more!

    First you will need to bleach your brown exte so they are very pale.