Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

happy new year

First of all!
Happy new year to everyone! :D

I hope you all had a nice celebration & some good new year`s resolutions!

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Get better in school

2. be patient
3. get more sleep
4. get along better with my dad
5. Have more time for my friends
6. take off weight
7. Have more fun
8. earn more money
9. travel
10. find love!

Pretty much, huh? XD

I`ve spent new years eve at Kai`s house!
I went there one day before to cut her hair and help with the arrangements.

the 31th first NyuJin & Bou arrived "early" to help making sushi. I really suck at making sushi XD
But Bou is our Sushi king ;)

                                           nomnom *O* so delicious!

Later the evening Ray, Masa, Kanon, Sai , Sayuu & some friends of Kais sister arrived!
It was really fun seeing them all again! I don`t have too much time for meeting friends usually!! Dare you school! -.-

                        Yep I really had a lot of fun! thank`s for this awesome days! <3 

                                          I love wii dance! *O* So funny to play!

So here could be a picture of an awesome firework . . . but this is how it turned out!
                                                             Awesome firework, right XD

                                                                    with nyu & jin

                                                                              Kai :D

all for today! xoxo Yuki


  1. wie ich teilweise nicht mitgekriegt hab dass du foddos gemacht hast oo?

    ...und wie ich aussah oAo xD ?

  2. Waa you guys are so gorgeous *__* Love the polaroids !

  3. Omg.... Das Sushi! x__x~ Da bekommt man Hunger!
    Und diese Haare..... *Q*
    Echt geil!

    Ich hab dich hier übrigens getagged, vielleicht magst du's ausfüllen!


  4. so hooooooooooot!!! this pictures are amaizing!! beautiful girls party!!! i want to participate to!!! and i love sushiii!!! and i love you cool style!!