Freitag, 4. November 2011

Halloween/Birthday party

This year I celebrated Halloween with all my friends as my birthday party!

 My Make up for Halloween! Actually this should be the Chesire cat of alice in wonderland buuut nearly nobody recognized

It was really a big fun!

I love hanging out with all of my friends talking & fooling around!

 Gachapin Dorks! :D

 We decided to go out and do trick or treat! All my neighbours were like `Aren`t you too old?` No bitch, gimme your candy :D
Well the rest of the night was all about alkohol and doing stupid stuff!
Or playing scrabble!
Even tough the new wordcreations by myself were pretty counterproductive for winning Oh dare you spirit of alkohol

Kai did this awsome tombstone cake for me! Omg it was so delicious! *O*

I got so many woderfull presents! Thank you all for them <3

Mika stayed a day longer than the other and actually we really did NOTHING but lying on the bed watching strange movies, beeing on tumblr and talking about musicians!

Namaste! Badass chinese granpa and Abraham Lincoln :D I think beard really suits me

Aaaah and my prize arrived! 
I won this 6 Astor make up palettes for my interpretation of autum make up ! 

For me it was really a simple make up with warmer colours & I`ve never thought of winning.
But I`m really happy about it! 
The colours are awsome! Especially the green.

That`s all for today! xoxo Yuki


  1. Du bist hald einfach al auf keinem der Bilder oo XD Du bist ein Geist