Samstag, 12. November 2011

cursed week & Versace or H&M

I`m sure everyone knows this feeling, that no matter what you do, anything is going wrong!
For me, this week was absolutely cursed!

First someone stole my wallet. . . in school. And this is REALLY bad!
Cause 1. i had my indentity card, some coupons from drugsore h&m and Douglas and my train cards in there 2. money aand 3. This was my belove wallet from London -.-

So i had to block all my cards and apply for new.
I really can`t understand! I would never ever steal a wallet or something else! And even if somebody stole it and opend it, he or her must have seen all my stuff in there so put it back or hand it to directors office.

Other thing was that I cought a cold & my belly hurts really bad! I hate beeing sick and I really get insufferabale!
Poor Mum, poor friends!

Some other nice things apped this week: My camera broke, my window is leaky and it`s REALLY cold
All about complaining now!

Let`s talk about the new " Versace for H&M" colletion!

I really love the leather Jackets! Generally the whole collection is awsome! i`m not a big fan of dreses but some of the items cought my eyes :D

I thing I`ll do a jacket like that myself! DIY like a boss XD

xoxo Yuki

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