Montag, 6. Februar 2012

cake obsession!

Hey there!

Recently I`m totally obsessed with baking.
I really love creating these sweet sins, sadly I shouldn`t eat them XD

Anyway, for the birthday of my friend Mona, I made some cake pops. I actually knew them from Starbucks & really wanted to try out  making some!
It`s easier than I thought. Maybe one of the most easy pastry I´ve ever made! But soo delicious! I could eat all of them, nom nom!

The decoration isn`t as beautiful as I wanted it to be, because the chocolate dried way too fast! But I think they liked them! I made around 30 and only 3 were left. Success :D
My sister and I will make some with different flavor tomorrow *O*

So Sunday was a really cake heavy day. So many delicious pastry.

Insane cake! srsly this is cream with a little bit of cake XD Attention, you may gain weight only by looking

                                                     Happy Anna is happy XD

Lately I`m to lazy for styling. My hair is to long, it`s freaking cold here and my scarf always damages my hairstyle.

have a nice week
xoxo Yuki


  1. same lazy hairstyling problems here, lol. too tired to even try D :: but you look very good !

    1. Hahaha I`m glad, i`m not the only one XD thank you :)

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuu! you are so beautiful!!! >___< you and your friends!!!
    i follow you honey ^___^ love your blog!