Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

recent gets & hair inspiration

Last weeks finally my new stuff arrived!

Since my sister broke my old Polaroid camera I ordered a new!
Goddamn duty! Srsly I paid enough and still 27 € to pay -.-

I totally love this camera! :)

  And I ordered Gatsby hair wax from ebay! 
The seller is so nice! they sent me a personal message and a little gray Gatsby and some examples.

I tried it out once and I absolutely love this wax! Awesome styling possibilities!

When I`ve some more time I`ll try out some gyaru-o hairstyle! :D

At the moment there is really no time for anything! I`m really looking forward the holidays!

Nooooow some inspiration pictures!
lately I fell in love with long orange/red hair!


taken from tumblr

xoxo Yuki 

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  1. yaaay~ endlich auch eine polaroid <3
    rote haare sind liebe!