Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011



Sunday i went to a hairfair in Nürnberg with my best friend Esther!

I think I´ve learned a lot there!

Also we got many stuff for free! Haircare products, styling products and more!

We endet up with one really huuuge bag full of probes and a smaller bag of a concern which got awsome haircare products!For free e____e

And Esther got her nails done!

Since it was her first time, she was incredible nervous! But it turned out really nice! Sadly i don`t have any picture!

I really think about doing my nails, too. But it could be a problem at work >.<

Of course I bought some jewelery!
 I was really surprised about the big assortment!

Yep my face :D Ignore the hairpins I was just to lazy, to rermove them

xoxo Yuki

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