Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

gardening & medieval market

Hey guys, super regular blogger yuki back again. <.<

The last few weeks, the weather was awesome!
Not too hot, not too windy and awesome sunshine.

Therefore I spent a lot of time outside. Swimming & generally doing sports . . . more or less XD

I also helped my Gran gardening. So we drove to our small holiday house. I personally love this not perfect, feral kind of garden. But my Gran wanted to clean everything up. So basically I had to mow the lawn, cut the trees etc. :D

                                      Weapon of dah day XD srsly this thing is soo old, but so stubborn

                                                        my sister caught some tadpoles. <.<

    I used to be there every second weekend, when i was small. It felt so nostalgic being there again :D

Yesterday i went to a oriental themed medieval market in Hof, with some friends.
Sadly the weather was crappy. But we found a Arabic tent, were we hided and had some tea :D

So all things considered the day was really nice! After a while sun came out again and we tried out some stuff :D

                                                    Please ignore my hair. It`s a mess. XD

                                                      Perfect theme fitting umbrella XD
                                                             suddenly a wild Link appears O__o

pretty long post, but yep I was to lazy for splitting it into 2 parts XD

xoxo Yuki

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